Econo Lawn Program



Econo (203) Lawn Care Program

Overview A Basic lawn care program for the budget conscious homeowner. 2 applications of Turf King's Fortified Organic granular Fertilizer and full season Weed Management treatments.

Econo lawn care program by Turf King

Turf King's exclusive fortified organic Fertilizer blend - 75% slow release. Formulated with 6 different nitrogen sources to give long lasting nutrient value to your lawn for up to 20 weeks and more. Includes Kelp Supplement for additional organic bio-stimulants.   

Keep your lawn healthy and thick to crowd out weeds. such as dandelions, plantain and others. Treatments are applied throughout the season to minimize unwanted weeds in your lawn.

Program is normally provided in 5 seasonal visits.

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Other treatments and applications can be added to this basic program to enhance your lawn with such things as Core aeration, Chinch Bug protection, White Grub TreatmentCrabgrass Reduction.

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Sample Price for a lawn up to 3,000 sq ft.

ECONO Program #203


2 Fertilizers Plus Season Long Weed Management 

Regular Price*


Anniversary Discount


Subtotal HST Included


Payable in 6 Payments of


Or if Prepaid Save 10%*





Possible Add-ons



1st Blanket Weed


2nd Blanket Weed


Crabgrass Treatment


Chinch Bug protection


Core Aeration




Grub Treatment


LOGI-CAL Root Proliferator


Dry Compost


 *Lawns under 3,000 sq ft. may be priced slightly lower. Larger lawns will cost more.

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